Visualizing Per-90 Stats

Over at StatsBomb, they’ve been putting together some nice radar visualizations as a way to compare stats of individual players. The idea is to conveniently display a bunch of stats for a given player in a way that lets you easily compare players by doing overlays. I think these visualizations are extremely effective for assessing changes in performance, comparing roles, and doing transfer “shopping” for similar types of players. I’ve done an alternate visualization of some of the players charted by StatsBomb, as well as some others added to the mix via Squwka and WhoScored data.

All stats via StatsBomb, Squawka, or WhoScored

All stats via StatsBomb, Squawka, or WhoScored

Though my heatmap doesn’t provide the precision of the radar charts for looking at exact numbers in each category, it is quite useful for comparing many players at once (where overlaying radars becomes muddled after four or so players). You can see some key differences highlighted by color change, such as the differing styles of the three finalists for this year’s Ballon D’Or. It’s not a great leap to envision something like this as an interactive graphic that would benefit from some tooltips. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to convert this graphic into something like that when I have a better place to host it (one that handles interactivity).


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