StatsBomb Article

I’ve written something over at StatsBomb, a website with lots of excellent analytics writing. I’m really excited about the shot charts I’ve been working on for the article, so go give them a look!


Charting Shots on Target

In my last post I suggested that it’s important to consider the impact of a team’s shooting positions on the likelihood of that team scoring goals. Just as teams’ attacking and defensive abilities can be assessed by examining the shots they take and allow, an individual player can be evaluated by the kinds of shots they are converting. Where the majority of a player’s shots come from and whether those shots are on target or goals should be good indicators of the scoring threat posed by that player. Given that the quality of an individual player’s shooting is at issue here, it makes sense to look at players who take a lot of shots, and whose value depends on getting on the scoresheet. This means mostly examining strikers and midfielders tasked with a lot of offensive responsibility. I took a swing at presenting this kind of information for Olivier Giroud, Arsenal’s joint leading scorer.

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